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Staff Guard Personal Attack  System

Welcome to Golden Security's low cost answer to lone worker safety and security systems offering assistance at the push of a button. The system is based on a unit called the Goldsec which is a controller unique to us. We take client requirements and have the power to completely adapt the unit to suit. The unit is then manufactured on printed circuit boards for added reliability.

All components meet with British and European standards as do all manufacturing techniques, all units are tested extensively before leaving the workshop. The Goldsec already has proven reliability and the adaptations to the unit are standard forms of controls used by us in different formats.

Our Staffguard systems has a 100% reliability rate and when used with the Scantronic receiver, the triggering of the unit is perfect. We have built in a 10 second delay from activation to reset to avoid staff panic from hitting the button twice and accidentally resetting the system before the danger is removed. This can cause problems in accidental triggering but we provide the basic training needed to use and reset the system effectively.

The power supply unit is approved for connection to Telecom lines and exchanges. It also provides a self-contained battery back-up unit for cover during power failures.


All units manufactured for use by our clients are tested extensively for safety and correct triggering before they leave the factory. These tests check reliability in different working conditions and include: operation, triggering devices and resets.

If you would like to talk about our exclusive Goldsec Staff Guard systems to find out if it is right for your company, call us on 020 8958 5487.