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 Infra red Beam System

If your intruder alarm sounds, it usually means that your premises has been violated. A broken window, or forced door. An external perimeter infra red beam system is designed to stop the would be intruder in their tracks! As they approach the house the invisable beams will activate the alarm system as soon as they are broken, thus not allowing the burglar to get close enough to the premises to break in.  

Here at Golden Security we have designed our external infra red beam systems to suit all premises needs. This type of system can be installed alongside your existing intruder alarm, It will act as an external deterrent and ensure that your premises is protected on the outside, as well as inside. This system will give complete peace of mind, knowing that if an intruder approaches the premises in a vulnerable area, they will get no further!

Using Hi-tech infrared twin beams, the system is virtually invisible to the naked eye and will be near impossible to avoid. Also the fact that there are two beams that have to broken together, ensures that the system only activates on an atempted break in! Please contact us for further details.

Foxes, cats and other animals etc

The first question that most people ask, when considering this system, is what if stray animals decide to cross the beams. The Infra red beam system is designed in such a way to stop animals from tripping the alarm. Stray foxes, cats, and other animals that could cause false alarms on other external systems, will not will not affect our system due to the twin infra red beams.