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Home Security Systems

Golden Security Systems is a UK company that  has been established  for 24 years, we are always following the standards within our industry and aim to provide the best solution within your budget. We have a number of entry level systems to keep costs as reasonable as possible right up to the high tech solutions to fulfill all of your security requirements.

Domestic Intruder Alarms

Home Intruder Alarms All of our intruder alarm systems are tailor-made to suit your needs. When it comes to home security we like to ensure that the system is extremely user-friendly and, therefore, you will immediately gain confidence in using your alarm. As far as the fitting is conc... [Domestic Intruder Alarms]

Budget Intruder Alarms

Budget Home Security Systems Home security doesn't have to be expensive. We have systems to suit almost any budget. We like to compare our entry level system with the cost of replacing a mid-range television set.We've not even factored in the effort of filling in insurance claims, cleanin... [Budget Intruder Alarms]

Infra Red Beam System

 Infra red Beam System If your intruder alarm sounds, it usually means that your premises has been violated. A broken window, or forced door. An external perimeter infra red beam system is designed to stop the would be intruder in their tracks! As they approach the ho... [Infra Red Beam System]

Door Entry Systems

Audio Entry Systems are a cost effective method of allowing you to identify your caller by voice only prior to opening the door to them. An electronic door release can be fitted to this system to allow you to automatically open the front door Video Entry Systems are similar to Audi... [Door Entry Systems]

Maintenance & Monitoring

Standard Monitoring & Maintenance Standard Monitoring & Maintenance includes: Engineer Support 24 hours a day every day No call out or labour charges unless the system is vandaized or tampered with Routine inspections of your Golden Security Burglar Alarm Standard 12 months product... [Maintenance & Monitoring]


CCTV - Closed Circuit TeleVision systems Imagine your property has been targeted and a burglar is  looking for entry points, and then enters the premises by force, the alarm system activates, they grab whatever they can and run!. The police will bring sniffer dog... [CC TV]

CC TV Remote Viewing

Remote CCTV Viewing To prove we have every angle covered, we can also offer remote viewing of your CC TV system. If you're on holiday or at the office and you receive an automatic phone call from your system warning you of an intrusion, you are able to log onto the internet and view ... [CC TV Remote Viewing]

Our Clients

Business Clients Some of our business clients include: London Underground Paradise Travel Watches International Eduzone Quadron Properties Happy Puzzle Company Dream Events Peter Mann's Estate Agents Hendon Golf Pro Shop BBK Chartered Accountants Claybrook Jewellers ... [Our Clients]

Home Security Systems

Computer equipment, TV's, cameras and other electronics are getting cheaper by the day, but what would it cost to replace them if you were burgled? What about the broken window and muddy footprints?

Golden Security Systems can provide a range of domestic security systems, some of which will cost about as much as a mid-range television set. Not only would you be alerted if an intruder was in your house while you and your family are sleeping but you could also save money on your insurance.