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Home Intruder Alarms

All of our intruder alarm systems are tailor-made to suit your needs. When it comes to home security we like to ensure that the system is extremely user-friendly and, therefore, you will immediately gain confidence in using your alarm. As far as the fitting is concerned we pride ourselves on the neatest installation possible - all cables being concealed where practical and where not possible we would then install an approved wireless system.

We also give our customers a choice of systems;

Audible only - where, when activated, the system will give a sound for a maximum of twenty minutes before rearming.

Digital dialler - where, when activated, the system will dial through four pre-programmed keyholders of your choice to inform them of the activation.

Digital communicator - where, when activated, using a dedicated telephone line, the system will dial through to our central monitoring station and inform them of the activation and, if necessary, the police will be called.

Telecom Redcare - where, when activated, the system will dial through on your existing BT telephone line which will be monitored 24 hours a day and inform them of the activation and, if necessary, the police will be called.


Home Security Systems

Even though computer equipment, TV's, cameras and other electronic devices are getting more affordable by the day, think of the inconvenience and cost to replace them if you were burgled? Not only does the burglar take your prized possesions, but in so many cases they often leave your property in a terrible state. Broken windows, mud-stained carpets and the thought of your home being violated is sometimes worse than the burglary itself. It is human nature to think that it cannot possibly happen to you, but unfortunately it can and so often does. Be sensible and, more importantly, be prepared.

Golden Security Systems can provide a range of domestic security systems, some of which will cost about as much as a mid-range television set. Not only would you be alerted if an intruder was in your house while you and your family are sleeping but you could also save money on your insurance. Please call now for a quotation: 0208 958 5487