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Commercial Intruder Alarms

It is more often a necessity to have an intruder alarm installed in your busness premises than a choice. Insurers nowdays very often stipulate that without a suitable intruder alarm system the premises will not be insured! Most people are unaware that commercial intruder alarm systems are not always expensive or complicated to use. At Golden Security we take into consideration the insurance company's requirements, but also the customers budget and, therefore, will install a system to satisfy your pocket as well as your insurers.

Home Security Systems

Even though computer equipment, TV's, cameras and other electronics are becoming more affordable by the day, what would it cost to replace them if you were burgled along with the cost of replacing broken windows and having to clean muddy carpets. You cannot put a price on the emotional upheaval that a burglary causes.

Golden Security Systems can provide a range of commercial security systems, some of which will cost about as much as a mid-range television set. Not only would you be alerted if the unthinkable happened - an intruder was in your house while you and your family are sleeping - but you could also save money on your home contents insurance.