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CCTV - Closed Circuit TeleVision systems

Imagine your property has been targeted and a burglar is  looking for entry points, and then enters the premises by force, the alarm system activates, they grab whatever they can and run!. The police will bring sniffer dogs and at times will be able to catch them. Alternatively if you also have a CC TV system installed, the police will have a visual record of the crime. There are many types of CC TV system available in the UK, but here at Golden Security Systems, we pride ourselves on making sure that all systems installed perform tothe highest standards possible. That is record clearly day and night! It is most important that the cameras used are suitable for night viewing. Most budget cameras sold in the UK work well in daylight, but not at all clear in darkness. The best cameras to use are day/night CCD cameras. They have built in infra-red lights and therefore can view even in the poorest lighting conditions. The daytime picture is in colour and the nightime one in monochrome (black and white) thus ensuring a good quality picture at all times.

With a CC TV system you have film footage of the burglar in action to hand to the police for investigation. This will help positively identify the person or persons in question. Most intrusions nowdays are for car keys, hoping to steal your vehicle. One of the best deterrents has to be cameras! Most would be car thieves who do not want to be filmed and consequently would go elsewhere for their vehicles!

Positioned correctly, CC TV systems will again act as a deterrent and hopefully prevent any theft or damage before it even happens. Viewing can be from your home or business, from a monitor. Recording on a digital video recorder can be up to four weeks, or alternatively you can have our monitoring station view for you and contact you in an emergency. Another alternative is to view your premises through the internet with remote viewing. With technolgy moving so fast, CC TV has become as important in this day and age as intruder alarm systems were ten years ago, to deter the would-be burglar.

Don't believe the TV

Ignore the grainy black and white shots you see every day on TV and in the papers. CCTV has become much more sophisticated and is now able to record high quality monochrome (black and white) or colour footage from our systems.

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