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Budget Home Security Systems

Home security doesn't have to be expensive. We have systems to suit almost any budget.

We like to compare our entry level system with the cost of replacing a mid-range television set.We've not even factored in the effort of filling in insurance claims, cleaning muddy footprints, repairing the broken window latch or anything else Mr. Burglar may have taken or broken in the process.

For as little as £500 you can relax in the knowledge that your home is much more secure.

Call us when you have a few minutes to spare to discuss the best options for you on 020 8958 5487. There's no obligation to buy.

Home Insurance

Whilst we recommend you have home insurance, with or without our systems, You cannot totaly rely on it. No doubt you will be covered for most eventualities but with our systems, an external sounder will act as a visual deterrent, either on the front or the side elevation of the premises, plus also a decoy cover on the rear elevation. This is not only for peace of mind, but in most cases will reduce your insurance premiums!